Days have been a little slow here in Orlando. I don’t have many friends who are available during the week. I haven’t started work yet, and I am just kind of always sitting around, waiting for something to happen. Today I was able to get lunch with Lee and the new RUF intern, Alex. He’s a cool dude. We were able to bond over our love of food, and the beloved Star Wars. I’m excited and hopeful to get to know him a little better. RUF has been an amazing place for me to meet people who have similar interests, and are in similar lifestyles. It’s cool to be able to have friends like these. I really enjoy them. I’m thankful for Timmy getting me involved. He’s a good friend.

Last night I was able to go to a concert. That was sick. I saw Bayside and Say Anything. Both bands were killer. I ended up going alone, but was able to meet a few new people there. Some girl kept trying to flirt with me. It was a little awkward because even though I thought she was cute, she was not taking the hint that I wasn’t interested. In between sets, she started talking to me. She was actually pretty cool, although I’m pretty sure she was a little drunk. She ended up making me give her my phone and giving me her number. She put her name in as “Meg Say anything/Bayside (take the hint)” I tried to find her in the crowd after the show, but couldn’t seem to find her. I ended up texting her a little bit last night. Still seems kind of cool, but it’s a little weird since I’m unofficially with Nash. Would talking to her be wrong? Do I even want to, or am I just seeking attention? Who even knows with me? She hasn’t responded to my most recent message a few hours ago, so if I don’t hear from her, I guess that’ll be a good indication of wether I’m supposed to talk to her or not. We did sing “Don’t call me Peanut” together though. That song is so good. And it was fun to sing to someone. eh. Who knows what the deal is?

Just more things to add to the confusion. Fantastic. So glad. As if life wasn’t difficult enough. Oh well I guess. At least the show was fun.


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