So today I get to show my friend Michael the house I’m living in. I also have to show it to his parents. If he likes it he’ll move in during the fall, which would be so ridiculously fun. He’s a good friend and I think it would give the house some real character. It’d be Nick, Mikey, Mitchell, Matt, Henry and me. I think it’d be a great time. I’m close to all of those guys, excluding Matt. I don’t know him that well, but I like him a bit and think he’s super nice. All of those guys are great examples of how God believes community should work. It’s really cool to see that. I think that we could have a great time and really grow together as a house through the following year. All of this is obviously contingent on the idea I stay in Orlando. This is a tough thing to decide. I’m really nervous about the idea of passing up this opportunity but with a little time and prayer, I think I will be able to make this decision rationally.

I think the things it depends on are:

  1. If work at Disney goes well.
  2. If the proposed people live in the house.
  3. If things are going well with Nash.
  4. If the band I’m starting with Hayden is a good time.

I’m worried about making this decision for Nash though. I think I’ve mentioned this before though. The reality is that I’ve been known to make these types of decisions before for girls. It’s really fucked up my life, but it’s also made it for the best. I just have to wait and see how things play out. This may be the community I’ve been searching for. These dudes are great dudes. Just a little nerve wracking.

I know I will eventually live in New York, but is the time now? Will I possibly regret my decision in the future?


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